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Son's Of Leo Harvest Moon Festival Pictures! +2 Live Vids!

If you haven't already, go to their website and support these guys by going to their site and purchasing an album! www.blueskyinvention.com It takes money to tour, so please help it happen!

If you want them to play in your town let them know!

John Beacher (lead vocals, guitar) grew up performing musical theatre in the artist colony of New Hope, PA, and absorbed much of the east-coast folk music scene. His approach to music is constantly evolving, taking on new flavors from his world travels; especially after living for some time in India. Since settling in Colorado, John has been pushing his songwriting to new levels and the formation of Blue Sky Invention he believes is the cornerstone for music to change the world. “Our ultimate goal as a band is to help others.”

Kevin Orban (vocals, guitar) grew up with John and Monty in the same small community in Pennsylvania. Kevin’s focus as a youth was the blues, and it took him from his infamous barn/jam space (where he often collaborated with John and Monty) to Berklee School of Music in Boston. After studying there for some time, Kevin moved on to Colorado to join his old friends. Kevin’s vocals and leads are as complementary to the band as his input as a catalyst in experimentation. Kevin also hand-builds custom tube amps for the guitars and bass in the band and is Blue Sky Inventions tech-head, and Monty's woodshop assistant.

Jesse “Monty” Darlington (bass, vocals) As a child, Monty played classical piano, clarinet, and sang in the school choir with John. College took him to New York City, where he lied his way into NYU's jazz classes as well as a recording studio that yielded an instrumental session wtih Kevin (guitar). Monty's degree in photography lends a talent for poster and image design for the band. An avid writer, Monty often contributes to the lyrical content of John’s melodic ideas.

Greg Morgan (drums, vocals) The Iventions's Colorado-native has lived the Boulder music scene to its utmost. Greg has performed in CO-area bands from an early age, even sitting in with touring musical acts; Leftover Salmon and The Flying Other Brothers. He brings a bit of the Rocky Mountains to the band. With a background in drum line, Greg’s precise nature led him well into progressive rock. He took a short stint as a bass player in a funk band, but needed to return to his passion, the drums. Greg and John met each other through a series of coincidences. Forming Blue Sky Invention was the most natural musical collaboration the two have ever done and with the addition of Kevin and Monty the family was completed. Greg’s high energy is infectious, and his presence is remarkable.

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