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In season! YAMLET recipe!

Just fond this kinda interesting, might have to try it! It is on www.blueskyinvention.com

"Snacks For The Soul - June 27, 2005

For those folks out there that eat eggs, this is a delicious and nutritious meal.

To make one yamlet you will need:

1/2 baked yam (can microwave or bake the night before)

2 eggs

2 TBS minced walnuts

1 TBS cottage cheese

1/2 tsp cumin

Begin by mixing the baked yam with the walnuts and cumin. Scramble the eggs with the cottage cheese. Heat an egg pan and pour the eggs in, then add the yam filling and fold to make the omlette. Voila, Yamlet!

Quinoa and plain yogurt compliment Yamlet very nicely, and make it a well balanced meal. This meal can be made for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

All Hail Chef Julia's Cooking!!!!!"
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That sounds really good. Noted. =)
What, in God's name, is a "Yam"? Never 'erd of it !! :)
kinda like a sweetpotatoe?
We probably have them here in the UK, but with a different name.
that does sound good! i'm gonna try that.